Everyday Tall R Banner


When 2m isn’t enough for your display choose the amazing 3m high Everyday Tall R Banner.

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Product Description

With its hybrid 25mm diameter pole – part bungee, part telescopic – the Everyday Tall R Pop Up Roller Banner can display graphics that range in height from 175cm to a staggering 3m high.

The Everyday Tall R Pop Up Roller Roller Banner comes with a choice of graphic material; either our banner vinyl or our premium SoFlat Greyback. Both are printed in HD Colour to provide stunning images. It also comes in a high quality padded bag with a full-length zip to avoid the unit snagging. The Everyday Tall R Budget Pull Up Roller Banner is ideal for exhibitions, conferences general portable signage, craft fairs etc.

The Everyday Tall R Banner’s sister product the Everyday R Banner is also ideal when you need increased widths for your message or marketing campaign. You can see this product by clicking the related products link.


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