Standard Beach Flag


An exceptional value flag pole that performs in all weather.

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Product Description

The Standard Beach Flag range is a durable, all-season product designed to withstand the worst of the British weather. It has a hybrid aluminium and fibre pole which makes it good for winds of up to 35km/h.

The Standard Beach Flag range is available with a wide range of bases, all complete with a rotor.

All of our promotional flags are printed in HD colour and can be washed up to 40 degrees with regular washing powder.

The Standard Beach Flag is available in four shapes:

  • Feather Flag
  • Teardrop Flag
  • Blade Flag
  • Rectangle Flag

and five sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Medium Plus and Large.

Overall Heights

Shape X Small Small Medium Medium Plus Large
Blade 2140mm 2350mm 3200mm 3620mm 5020mm
Feather 2140mm 2350mm 3200mm 3620mm 5020mm
Rectangle 1410mm 1460mm 2750mm 2850mm 5000mm
Teardrop 1960mm 2160mm 3000mm 3120mm 4370mm






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