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Making the most of your Heras fencing.

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Product Description

MJL Displays’ Heras Fencing Banners are typically used for advertising or branding at events, construction sites, or outdoor venues where Heras fencing (temporary mesh fencing) is installed. These banners are designed to attach securely to the fencing panels, providing a large, visible surface for displaying logos, messages, or promotional material.

Our Heras Fencing Banners are designed to fit a standard 3.5m × 2m Heras fencing panel. At 3375mm × 1780mm, these banners will fit just inside the outer panel frame. They are supplied with heavy-duty eyelets along the edges for easy attachment to the fencing panels using cable ties or bungee cords.

Apart from advertising, our Heras Fencing Banners can also serve other purposes such as providing privacy, enhancing security, or directing foot traffic at events.

Whatever your site problem, Heras fencing banners offer a versatile and practical way to promote brands, products, or events in outdoor settings where temporary fencing is required.




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